Most developers are eligible for a $2,000 tax credit per dwelling unit

Via the 45L New Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit, our team has helped developers get over $6,500,000 in federal tax credits, we’ll help you get yours.

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45L is a federal tax credit for energy efficient new homes

Under the provision of the 45L New Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit, builders and developers can claim a $2,000 federal tax credit for each new home or dwelling unit that meets 45L energy efficiency requirements. In many states, most new residential projects qualify for this credit. 

What projects can qualify?

Many residential project types qualify for 45L tax credit:

Single Family Homes (Custom Tract)

Multi-Family Apartment & Condominium Projects

Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Assisted Living Facilities & Student Housing

Substantial Reconstructions or Rehabilitation

Tax Credit Basics

The 45L credit is federal tax incentive that promotes the construction of energy efficient residential buildings. The credit is available to builders, developers and others who build homes for sale or lease. To qualify for the $2,000 tax credit, an eligible “dwelling” must:

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What could you do with an extra $2,000 per unit?


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